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Fun with bubbles

Fancy something different for your fun day, special event, themed market or birthday party?
Our giant bubbles will mesmerize absolutely anyone within view of the event you are organising. From little bubbles, up to what people think are big bubbles, to what they think are gigantic bubbles to bubbles that make everyone, including the neighbours and passers by go WOW.

We´ve had gigantic bubbles floating up to heights that you can only spot with binoculars, bubbles inside bubbles, even inside other bubbles.....


We can make bubbles on stage, bubbles on stilts, bubbles on unicycles and Machine Bubbles ! Size doesn´t .... effect the effect that the bubbles have .........we can fire bubbles out at an alarming rate – 50 , or even 500+ per minute, but then again we can make 2 or 3 humungous bubbles in a minute that will have the same effect.

What is really good is to do both at the same time and while the kids pop the little ones we carry on making big ones.
For night time events and finales we can also offer ultraviolet bubbles, sticky bubbles and even fire bubbles. Guaranteed to make your audience go WOW!

In addition to all this we can also offer bubble workshops! You, your kids or other members of the chemistry teaching department at school can participate in a workshop, learning about the different types and sizes of bubbles and what you can do with them.

All these shows and activities can be added and woven into our circus skills days, juggling performances, magic shows or can be enjoyed on their own.

Little bubbles have bigger bubbles living on their backs that bite them.
Bigger bubbles have larger bubbles and so and infinitum. . . .

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