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What are the benefits of circus skills?

Circus skills offer a huge range of benefits to both children and adults alike.

It has an excellent social function in that it brings together many people that would never have met. It also allows users to achieve things that they probably never imagined they would, there is normally a huge sense of achievement for those involved in the sessions.

The wonderful thing about circus workshops is that what has always seemed impossible when watching a performance becomes a reality for many people. Non competitive games allow participants to develop in a group and allow people to form respect for others within that group; people are treated as equals.

It has become evident, through experience, that these advantages give many people a wonderful boost of self esteem. In addition to the above, circus skills offers physiological benefits in that it can improve fitness, while being fun and also can help those with poor attention. Juggling requires the user to stimulate both the right and left sides of their brain meaning improved co-ordination can result.

Our workshops can be tailored to meet a range of needs and can also be delivered to large groups. Each individual will get the chance to try a range of equipment and we like to encourage learners the chance to share their skills with friends and also to perform any new skills learnt to their peers in a supportive environment.


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